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Tim Bosma murder trial: Deliberations resume after jury member suffers migraine

HAMILTON – A Hamilton jury weighing the fate of two men accused of killing Tim Bosma has resumed deliberations after a sick juror recovered.

Justice Andrew Goodman says the juror fell ill with a migraine Wednesday morning on the third day of deliberations in the first-degree murder trial for Dellen Millard and Mark Smich.

Goodman concluded his instructions to the 12-member jury in the trial on Monday afternoon.

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Millard, 30, of Toronto, and Smich, 28, of Oakville, Ont., have both pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder charges in Bosma’s death.

WATCH: Jury still deliberating in Tim Bosma murder trial. Mike Drolet reports.

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  • Tim Bosma murder trial: Jury sequestered, deliberation begins

  • Who killed Tim Bosma? Three story lines emerge in 4-month trial

  • Tim Bosma’s accused murderers killed ‘for the thrill of it’: Crown

    Bosma, 32, disappeared on May 6, 2013 after taking two men for a test drive of a truck he had listed for sale online. His remains were found days later burned beyond recognition.

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    The Crown alleges Millard and Smich planned for more than a year to steal a truck, kill its owner and incinerate the body.

    Smich testified that Millard shot, killed and burned Bosma. Millard did not testify, but his lawyer told court that Smich accidentally shot Bosma on a nearby highway in an attempt to steal his truck.

‘We got burned, hosed’: Yarmouth resident on new ferry

A Yarmouth resident says he’s “angry” about the deal the government signed with Bay Ferries to operate the Yarmouth ferry.

“We got burned, hosed,” Jim Jeffery said.

Bay Ferries and the Americans who negotiated leasing the navy’s ferry to the service “treated us as though we were stupid and desperate and I don’t think we should be either,” Jeffery said Tuesday.

The controversial CAT ferry will set sail to Portland, Maine for its third season Wednesday with a new boat and operator. Bay Ferries is running the service which has faced criticism from a variety of angles since the deal was announced in March.

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Including start-up costs, the ferry is expected to cost taxpayers $23.3 million for the first year.

Jeffery cited the ban of commercial trucks on the ferry and the all American crew as reasons for being upset with the deal.

He says the government also showed it was “desperate” by accepting the deal.

“It’s a done deal”

Yarmouth Mayor Pam Mood defended the ferry and the deal the provincial Liberals signed with Bay Ferries, saying its value for Nova Scotia is “off the charts,” and ferries across Nova Scotia operate with a subsidy.

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Mood called on the ferry’s detractors to rally behind the ferry because its a “done deal” and has a better chance of success if it’s supported across Nova Scotia. Its hoped the ferry will bring more American tourists to Nova Scotia as part of the government’s goal to double its tourism revenue by 2024.

“I also say… how sad that we can’t get on board and support this,” Mood said.

The Yarmouth ferry is a “game changer” for the economy in Yarmouth she said.

One man arrested in Sooke shooting; police still searching for 2 other suspects

One man has been arrested following a massive manhunt on Vancouver Island after two people were shot in Sooke on Tuesday night.

Police located and seized a grey sedan, which was reported stolen and believed to have been used in the shooting, in Langford on Wednesday. Police arrested one man at the scene and he will be going in front of the Judicial Justice of the Peace on Thursday afternoon.

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Police are still looking for two other suspects involved in the shooting. Investigators are focusing their search for Josh Lafleur, who police say is the suspected shooter and should be considered armed and dangerous. Anyone who sees Lafleur should not approach but call 911.

A third suspect in the shooting has been identified but not arrested by police. Names are being withheld until charges are laid.

Sooke Mayor Maja Tait said it was a targeted attack and everyone involved is known to police.

The shooting happened at 9 p.m. near the end of Ella Road in Sooke. The two victims were found by the side of the road. They were rushed to hospital, where they remain.

Reports say the shooter was in the backseat of the car but police have yet to confirm that detail.

Residents in the area are shocked by what happened.

“For Sooke, yes this is a surprise,” said one neighbour. “It’s a very quiet area. I mean, it’s a dead-end street. And we all know the neighbours so this is a bit of a surprise.”

Sooke RCMP are asking the public to be on the look out for this vehicle – if seen please call 911, and do not approach the subjects. Anyone with information on this crime is asked to contact the Sooke RCMP at 250-642-5241 or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Fort McMurray residents pack Wood Buffalo council chambers at heated meeting

Area residents packed the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo’s council chambers for a heated meeting Tuesday evening, as councillors met for the first time in downtown Fort McMurray since a massive wildfire forced them to meet in Edmonton for the past month.

Many residents took the opportunity to address councillors and complain about the wildfire evacuation process as well as recovery efforts.

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  • Alberta organizes centralized donation program for residents of Fort McMurray

  • RCMP say Fort McMurray wildfire likely ‘result of human activity,’ investigate if blaze was criminal

  • Northern Lights centre begins offering core health services in Fort McMurray

  • Workers wanted for Fort McMurray cleanup

    Mayor Melissa Blake said she was confident the rebuilding process would begin within 100 days but no decision had been made on the rebuild of any subdivision. However, a proposed bylaw amendment to temporarily suspend development for the hard-hit communities of Abasand, Beacon Hill and Waterways, passed first reading and was set to come back for a second reading and debate.

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    The municipality’s administration had urged council to amend the Land Use Bylaw to allow for a 90-day development moratorium on the three communities which have been deemed unfit for habitation because of the detection of high levels of toxins. The moratorium is aimed at allowing officials to do more research and engage with those areas’ residents to come up with a redevelopment plan.

    Another controversial motion was brought forward which would have restricted Mayor Melissa Blake from meetings held by the Wood Buffalo Recovery Committee, a proposed group which would oversee the recovery effort.

    “We don’t often go to these meetings,” Blake said. “It’s not like I’m going to go there to be a problem for these guys and yet they’ve made it a problem for me by saying I can’t attend…so I’m offended by that one and I’m saying I’m here to represent the citizens.

    “The bomb that was dropped on me here tonight is not something I’m about to bend and accept as it is,” Blake added.

    The motion passed first reading and second reading but council said there would be no there would be no third reading Tuesday night because of the heated emotions surrounding the issue.

    Other issues of debate were a proposed bylaw to relax laws on RVs in order to allow people to more easily use them as temporary accommodations and a proposed bylaw that would allow council to continue restricting access to Abasand, Beacon Hill and Waterways.

    The mayor said the public seating gallery was full of residents and was spilling into two separate overflow rooms.

    The meeting ran late and was still ongoing at 11 p.m. MT.